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Friday, September 28, 2007

Google mired in grinding poverty

An article at ZDnet today has highlighted the plight of poverty-stricken Google.

Google is projected to earn $19 billion in revenue in 2009, and yet the company, and the markets, have their sights set on $100 billion. How are they going to claw their way out of the "tens of billions" poverty trap and ensure a normal third-world-economy-sized financial future for their children and their children's children?

Surely Future-Phobia can do something! Our loyal band of readers are a kind and caring bunch - won't you spare a few coppers to help out a floundering .com monolith?

Donations will no doubt be gratefully received via Google Checkout and hopefully we can do our little bit to see Google's fortunes turned around.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Google confirms that Facebook is better than Myspace

The debate rages on - which is better, MySpace (sh'yeah, right) or Facebook?

I like to do things scientifically here, and in an unbiased way, which means I will use the mighty Google to settle this debate once and for all, democratically.

My method is as follows:

1) Search Google for the phrase "MySpace is better than Facebook" and note the minuscule number of web pages which contain this exact phrase

2) Search Google for the phrase "Facebook is better than MySpace" and noting the huge number of times this phrase exists on the Internet

3) Compare results. This will indicate the number of web pages expressing each opinion, even the ones which say Myspace is better, which it's not.

The results

"Facebook is better than MySpace"
"MySpace is better than Facebook"
... and so it is confirmed! Proven by democratic means and with the blessing of Google, over 60% of the Internet says

Facebook is better than MySpace

But you knew that anyway.

UPDATE: Digital Point Forum subscribers ALSO vote 60% to 40% in favour of Facebook! Conclusive proof, if ever you needed it!

Facebook is better than MySpace
Facebook is better than MySpace
Facebook is better than MySpace
Facebook is better than MySpace
Facebook is better than MySpace
Facebook is better than MySpace
Facebook is better than MySpace
Facebook is better than MySpace

Erm, just chatting to Goog... I mean, myself, don't mind me...

Monday, September 3, 2007

end now... End...now... END... NOW!!!

I wonder, what particular part of the phrase "End now" is it that Windows XP does not understand?

Similarly foreign to our favourite operating system is the mystical operation "Cancel", particularly useless when you have removed a CD from the drive and have not intention of putting it back in, whatever stupid reason the OS has for wanting it.

Windows should just have one button that pops up every time, saying:

Please press here to do what Windows was planning to do anyway, regardless of your plans for the morning.