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Monday, May 14, 2007

The Blogfish - the next generation in blogging

The Blog-Fish (not a reference to the Gnome panel applet of similar name) is like the Babel-Fish of Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy Fame. What you do is put the Blog-Fish (actually a sophisticated electronic mind-reading device) in your ear and there it stays indefinitely.

What it does is eliminate the need to write blog entries anymore. No more minutes and minutes of thinking up new stuff to write. The Blog-Fish simply interprets the electrical signal caused by the constant stream of thoughts in your brain and converts them into a blog entry!! This saves lots of time and makes sure your blog is always up-to-date too!

Plugins for the Blog-Fish are available for all the major blogging platforms, and more expensive models of the device are available which will auto-ping the major blog services direct from your brain, tag your thoughts with key words and protect the precious contents of your mind from comment spam.

It is thought that the Blog-Fish is already being used by some of the major bloggers, still with mixed results, hence the recent details of John Chow's Mother's Day Dinner and a stream of recursing, never-ending Top Five Top Five Top Five Lists Lists Lists from Darren Rowse.

Once the technology is perfected, though, we can expect the death of the classic blog, and a new era in stream-of-consciousness direct-brain blogging where (brain-) content will be king and Google Ads will be served to tailor whatever the brain-blog reader is currently thinking about!

NB: to avoid brain overload, remember to unsubscribe from all blog feeds BEFORE installing the Blog-Fish!


Anonymous said...

Haha, hooray! Once I make some money, I'll be able to spend those minutes and minutes of blog entry thinking on something useful, like TV.

markowe said...

That's the trouble with direct-brain blogging - you've got to be thinking about something REALLY interesting for people to want to read it! Watching cable tv probably won't do it!

Thanks for the link BTW!