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Monday, September 8, 2008

Commodore UMMD 8010 Netbook - paper clip included!

The amazing success of the netbook format of notebook computer has prompted a venerable industry name to jump on the bandwagon - no less than Commodore itself!

Though Commodore today has little in common with the company that produced the almighty C64, as well as the VIC20, C128 and later of course, the Amiga, it is thought that new Commodore UMMD 8010 netbook, announced at the IFA Show in Berlin, will make more than just a tip of the hat to its worthy ancestor.

Some of the features the Commodore netbook is thought to include are as follows:

- Commodore Basic installed as standard
- paper clip-based reset (paper clip included as standard)
- cassette tape-based storage for full backwards compatibility
- optional external floppy drive (release delayed due to size issues)
- prominently-displayed Commodore C= logo
- lovely brown keyboard with completely pointless Restore button
- free copy of Monty on the Run
- television modulator as standard (no built-in screen necessary)

Commodore are convinced that their new netbook will combine the best of the old school of computing with the latest technology for superior performance (largely through the simple device of omitting Vista) and will poise Commodore to become a household name once again.