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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Microsoft now bribing you to use their search

Microsoft are so desperate to get a piece of the Google search pie that they are resorting to bribery again! Yes, in a repeat of their UK Big Snap campaign from February 2008, they have launched Big Snap Search II, in which you can possibly (not) win some prizes in the form of - TA-DAAA, some John Lewis coupons - nice!

What's the catch? Well, for a chance to match two different-valued coupons and win the prize, you have to, wait for it, USE Live Search TO SEARCH FOR SOMETHING!

Now come on, what do they take us for...? If they think we're going to fall for that...

Still, if you really want those coupons and you are furiously typing random search terms into the search field as we speak, think about the possibility that it is on some kind of timer and totally disregards the actual quantity of searches made.

As for dislodging the big G with the help of bribery, it just ain't gonna work, Google has it sewn up, end of story. Anyway, Live Search has hardly even indexed The StoreMinator yet - it can't be much good.

Hmmm, still, John Lewis you say... Might as well have ONE more try...