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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Google Pagerank leakage is actually link juice!

Following on from my revelation yesterday, that Google is likely to expand the Pageranking scale to 15, due to dangerous build-up of Pagerank, I can further reveal, thanks to information gleaned from bloggers such as Andy Beard that the likely agent of the leakage is actually link juice!

It appears that this "link juice" is somehow squeezed from websites by the Googlebot, probably with a special crushing attachment, and gathered in a central reservoir to be poured back into the system. This excess of link juice can lead to the effect I demonstrated yesterday, whereby the juice can actually begin to leak out of the Google Toolbar, or even worse, lead to high pressure levels in the system.

According to Beard, "when you link to me from your blog posts, the juice flows back" (see link to article above), and we can see this as a kind of pressure vent for release of the juice, and a possible means to avert imminent disaster.