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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Web 4.0 on the horizon!

Web 3.0 is old hat - if you really want to read about this aging technology, check out this blog entry. Here at Future-Phobia we are ready to face Web 4.0!

In the coming period we will try to predict some of the innovations that Web 4.0 will bring. One thing is for sure, the Internet will become a multi-dimensional experience, transcending the concept of space and time.

Here are a couple of predictions:

  • search engines will be able to help you find ANYTHING! Right now, Google are rumoured to be working on a search engine which, among other things, will be able to find your car keys when you had already given them up for lost!
  • social bookmarking sites will offer the possibility of simply clicking a button and then going out and meeting real live people or perhaps doing some sport, with no need to spend any further time online!
  • viral marketing campaigns will be conducted by actual genetically modified viruses which force the infected person to spend ridiculous amounts of time in front of their computer. It is even rumoured that some of these viruses may already be in the wild
Watch this space for more news of Web 4.0!