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Saturday, March 24, 2007

It's Shutdown Day, go away!

What are you doing reading this?! It's the 24th of March, Shutdown Day! You shouldn't even have your computer switched on, never mind be surfing the net! You ought to be out there doing something healthy, talking to someone, learning about the outside world!

But seriously though, what if people really did all close down their computers for the day! What would the Internet do while we were away? I was wondering about something similar recently. But unlike at the end of the world, I doubt there would be time for the Internet to evolve into a superbrain. Indeed, if everyone turned off their computers - servers, routers, everything, there would be no Internet! Spooky thought, huh?!

Actually, probably what would happen when we booted up again is that would be no massive changes, but it would be little things that we would notice - a menu moved slightly, an icon in a shade of orange lighter... Like when you come back home from a long holiday and notice something unusual that you are sure wasn't there when you left it!

Let's be real though, it's never going to happen. Why would people leave the comfort of the Web for the cruelty and harshness of the outside world? Here it's cozy, safe. When I die, I want to be buried on the Internet! Shutdown Day indeed!

(man, it's quiet...)


Anonymous said...

I forgot it was shutdown day, I feel a bit sheepish now. I'm going to go out and play in the melting snow instead.

I proposed a shutdown day during Christmas 2005 but it was badly received :-)

markowe said...

Too late now! Still there's always next year!

Hey, but the clocks are changing tonight... Doesn't that mean it's only 23 hours for Shutdown Day! Now that seems almost bearable...!

Anonymous said...

I thought the clocks changes most places last weekend due to Bush's silly time change law? Where I am though I don't have to change my clocks, the world revolves around Saskatchewan :-D when it comes to time.

markowe said...

I dunno, I live in Europe, where we change our clocks on the date agreed by the whole of Europe (check out the Wikipedia article). I can never figure it out, always get confused about what "back" and "forward" means.

Anyway, Mr. Bush hasn't manage to poke his nose in there yet.

But interesting to read that Saskatchewan observes the same time all year round. THAT must save embarrassing yourself by being late for places on Sunday morning!

It's usually churchgoers who have the problem - I once turned up an hour early and thought the whole church had gone on some kind of picnic or been raptured or something!

Anonymous said...

LOL raptured.

The only concern in SK, is business partners in other provinces who don't know what's going on, and sometimes our TV shows get shown at a different hour because they are broadcast elsewhere. Otherwise it's much nicer to stay on the same time the whole year. The USA and Ontario [which brought the rest of Canada along with it] changed Daylight Savings to start two weeks earlier this year in a guise to save more energy. I'm skeptical about how much good it really does when it required so much work to get the clocks on computers and everything fixed.