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Monday, March 19, 2007

Playstation 3 Emulator in a glass of water!

Future-Phobia can exclusively announce that scientists in America (yeah, bit vague, we know!) have managed to achieve a high level of emulation of Sony's new, next-generation console, the Playstation 3, using a glass of water!

This emulatory (?) feat has been achieved, it is thought, by lashing together a chain of Cray Supercomputers, resulting in a near-perfect reproduction of all Playstation 3 games! Our source, when pushed, was forced to admit that he wasn't exactly sure where the glass of water came into it and allowed the possibility that it might have "just got left there".

Currently the Playstation 3 Emulator takes up an area approximately the size of Belgium, produces enough heat as to raise average global temperatures by 2 degrees C by 2009, and so is not considered practical for most bedrooms.

Usually when a new games console such as the Playstation 3 comes out, and the drooling begins, it is not long before you will hear, or more likely read on some forum, some optimistic kid ask "is there an emulator for the PS3?", as if there is the faintest possibility that he (Mum and Dad) is going to avoid forking out for the real thing.

But until a way is found to reduce the Playstation 3 Emulator to more practical proportions, kids desperate to play the latest generation of video games will have to wait. Though they could do worse than keep a glass of water handy...

The dream of the Playstation 3 emulator lives on. But that's still all it is, a dream. This was just a little joke. Sorry, there is no PS3 emulator - that's the point. The Playstation 3 is way too powerful to be emulated on any other platform. By the time your average PC becomes able to emulate the PS3 there will be something bigger and more powerful out. The only solution, I am afraid, is:

a) to Buy a Sony PlayStation 3!!! If it is any consolation, Playstation 3 prices have come down quite a bit since my original post!

b) The other possibility might be to buy a PS2! They are REALLY cheap now, around $130! Click here for the PS2!


Anonymous said...

Even if comupters became fast enough for PS3 emulation, it would still be very difficult to actually create such software.

Anonymous said...

hey your wrong.. i got it to work with a glass of water.. this is awesome!

markowe said...

Coises! You must have found the secret formula! This'll ruin Sony!

Anonymous, why do you think it would be difficult? I mean, I don't know HOW the heck an emulator works - I can't even get my head round the Commodore 64 emulators - but all consoles have eventually been emulated, haven't they?

Anonymous said...

ps3 is going to be emulated sooner or later. in the case if you do not know how to program such an emulator why didn't you shut your big mouth up in the first place. If you **want** however... emulate the PS3 you NEED a Blu-Ray disc player (costs about as much as a Ps3 - so why bother_ buying a Ps2 or Ps1 this is commercial shit anyway) ps1 - emulated - ps2 - emulated - ps3 - emulation coming soon. - The Hacker

markowe said...


Anonymous said...

Well i finally emulated it! but its still in beta stages. i will release a download soon :) stay glued to your screens!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! Does it work with or without the glass of water?!